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Located at 193 Lake Ave in Worcester, right on beautiful Lake Quinsigamond. Madulka's is open 12:00pm - 10:00pm Daily, serving premium ice cream and yogurts, soft serve, sundaes, and everything in-between. Feel free to call us at 508-459-2323 with any questions
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Premium Ice Cream Flavors

• Almond Joy
• Belmont Coffee
• Black Raspberry
• Black Raspberry Chip
• Bubblegum
• Butter Crunch
• Butter Pecan
• Cake Batter
• Chocolate Premium
• Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate Peanut Butter
• Coconut
• Coffee Oreo
• Cookie Dough
• Cotton Candy

• Fudge Ripple
• Heavenly Hash
• Kahlua Fudge Brownie
• M&M
• Maple Walnut
• Milky Way
• Mint Chocolate Chip
• Mocha Chip

• Moose Tracks
• Orange Pineapple
• Oreo
• Peppermint
• Pistachio
• Purple Cow
• Strawberry
• Vanilla Premium


Premium Soft Serve  Flavors

Vanilla - Chocolate - Twist


Orange - Rainbow

Sugar Free Ice Cream

Vanilla - Black Raspberry - Coffee

Sorbet (Dairy Free)

Lemon - Raspberry

Frozen Yogurt (Low Fat)

Black Raspberry - Chocolate Almond
Coffee Heath Bar - Sherbert - Orange - Rainbow
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See you next Season!


193 Lake Avenue,
Worcester, MA 01640



12:00 Noon - 10pm Daily

Customer Reviews
What People are Saying about Madulka Ice Cream


Mark cruz ov0u44cygdm unsplash 960x960 circle
This is a really nice place to stop in and have an ice cream!! Great location!! Realty good milkshakes! Very friendly people working here! Definitely a great place to stop and check out. Sit up on the upper deck or you can bring your treats and your date down to the waterfront and just chill... So nice here

- Alex B.
"Beautiful view of Lake Quinsigamond.  Big scoops for a reasonable price!"

- Eric Runstron
Local Guide
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“Worth the money. Nice views too, and if u r lucky on weekends, you'd enjoy a live band next door😁”

- Chiluba Mulenga

Local Guide
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“Great ice cream! Beautiful view on the lake. Staff friendly. Parking is not always the best, but the ice cream is worth it.”

- Dani Bruxinha

Local Guide
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“Great ice cream! Seasonal, open spring/summer; check their social media for open/close dates and hours. Cash only! Really nice outdoor seating area; you can walk down and sit at the edge of the lake (beware of the somewhat aggressive ducks :D )”

- Laura W.


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